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Nuclear Free Coalition Newsletter Summer 2009

Why We Say Stop the Dump

Babcock Marine, owners of the Dockyard want to turn it into a nuclear vessel graveyard. They believe that there are massive profits to be made from bringing obsolete nuclear powered ships and submarines into our city, removing the nuclear core for transport to Sellafield. They will then cut up the rest of the vessels for disposal, treating them as low level nuclear waste, in the dockyard. Much of this work will be highly specialised – experience shows that many of the workers employed will be specialist contractors form outside of Plymouth.

View of Devonport Dockyard from the Tamar

They threaten to turn our city into a major nuclear decommissioning centre for the world. We believe that this is totally inappropriate for a city of over a quarter of a million people!

On Thursday 18th June the Plymouth Herald reported a major fire inside the Dockyard. The day before, the Tories called for the sawing-up and storage of deadly radioactive waste should be moved-forward as the future industry of this City. It’s not safe! At the same time, major job cuts continue across our neighbourhoods.

The MoD and Babcock will try to bribe and threaten Plymouth with money for infrastructure alongside the myth that it is these nuclear waste jobs or no jobs. 


Plymouth Trades Council believes that there is a different future for our Dockyard. We want to see our city develop a sustainable future. The highly skilled workers in the yard can easily turn there skills to produce the wind turbines, solar panels and wave machines that we vitally need to replace our dependence on fossil fuel power.

Offshore Windfarm

We want the money from Babcock Marine and the Government AS COMPENSATION for the decades of death, destruction and poverty the dockyard has rained upon our communities, and we want real, green jobs establishing Plymouth as a centre for investment in renewable energy machinery and production.

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