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What is Plymouth TUC?

Plymouth and District Trades Union Council is the umbrella organisation for Trades Union Branches in the city and the surrounding areas.

We act as a rank and file activists/shop stewards network, bringing together trades unionists to share their experiences and to organise to defend jobs and conditions.

We provide solidarity to groups of workers in struggle, and support a wide range of progressive organisations.

We campaign on a range of issues, to take forward the interests of working people.

We oppose the outsourcing and privatisation of public services.

We seek to unite working people – we are opposed to racism and all forms of discrimination that are used to divide us.

We are opposed to the fascist British National Party, and campaign against their activities.

We support peace – we oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and any invasion of Iran.

We support the Palestinian right of self determination.

We oppose nuclear weapons and we are against Trident replacement.

We believe that climate change is an imminent threat to us all.

We are for a sustainable future and large scale immediate government investment in low carbon technologies.

We are against the nuclear dockyard in Plymouth, and the creation of a nuclear dump in Devonport.

We are affiliated to the South West Region TUC and the Devon Council of Trades Union Councils.


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